Monday, December 9, 2013

The Podcasts of Retro Gaming: The Retro League

I got into the retro gaming movement with a lot of vigor thanks to Podcasts. It's great to know there is a community out there full of folks who are passionate about this hobby and really willing to share information.

In my first part of this series I introduced you to the Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast which I think is a shining example of a enthusiast sharing his passion. In this part I would like to introduce you to another podcast that is a great example of this; The Retro League

The show is currently hosted by Hugues Johnson and "Jungle Rat" Rob Anderson, but has had additional host and guest hosts in its past. If you are one of my readers and the name Hugues Johnson sounds familiar it's becuase I mentioned and article of his "The Madden Theory" in my piece about the WiiU a couple of weeks back. 

I enjoy this show becuase the host are both informative and funny, although it is a bit of dry humor. I also love that fact the Hugues Johnson is from the Chicago area like I am so he gives some really cool ideas as to where to find stuff semi-locally. Jungle Rat Rob who is currently in Utah is from Wisconsin so its nice for me to get a some Midwestern humor and outlook on things between him and Hugues. 

The podcast has also had a lot of cool series in it as well. One series on launch titles gave great insight as to games introduced with game systems, but also was a great look into the history of the systems up to thier actual luanch. On the opposite end their "Last Days Of" series gave great insight into the demise of certain systems and the final game titles launched with it. 

Hugues and Rob try to follow a similar format in each show as well, such as the "This Day in Gaming History", "News", and "Virtually Retro", portions to name a few. The "Virtually Retro" portion in fantastic becuase it gives some great insight into game re-releases and emulations, I often get the most out if the show from the portion. 

On top of the fantastic podcast you can also watch each podcast on YouTube. In addition to this the Retro League also maintains a great website with forums, This website is a fantastic website for retro gamers, and the forums are a great way to get information and get more involved with the retro gaming community. 

Overall I have to tell you to look them up on iTunes and start listening. Between the show and the website there is a lot going on you can learn from so you have to check it out. 

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