Monday, December 30, 2013

Retro Gaming New Years Resolutions

Your going to find out pretty soon that I may be a bit behind on a few things. But all I can say is thank God retro gaming is about the past and I have time to catch up, and even learn about the bad stuff without experiencing more of it. Of course keep in mind this all refers to retro gaming.

So here we are two days until the start of the new year. And of course at this time of year everybody thinks about their New Year's resolutions. Sure I could talk about the whole losing weight losing a bad habit gaining this losing that gaining this losing that thing that everybody usually does when to come's New Year's resolutions. But I decided that I would much rather make my New Year's resolutions based upon retro gaming.

Usually one folks make New Year's resolutions it's all about leaving comfort zones. Then again it's not always about leaving comfort sounds sometimes about just completing a list of things that you really want to complete. For instance I know this friend who makes a list of books that he wants to read throughout the year come every New Year's Eve, and he tries to get all the way through that list if you can before the close of the following year. But I really don't know that you're craving is so totally different that maybe the standard rules of New Year's resolutions one exactly apply to that but I'm going to give it my best shot and I'd like to encourage you to make some retro gaming New Year's resolutions of your home and of course yours welcome to follow along with mine.

#1 Play a Final Fantasy game, not necessarily to the finish but just to try to play and get to know it since I've never played one before and I've never had interest to. Everybody rants and raves about the series so I got to give it a try guess.

#2 Finally finish super Mario Brothers 3. I more or less had the game since it was new and all these years later I have yet to finish it. 

#3 Not retro mind you but play and finish Halo ODST

#4 Get an Atari 5200 and 7800.

#5 Play Starfox all the way through

#6 Leave my comfort zone and learn how to play both Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 2. 

#7 Find my PS1 and games, if I can't get a new one. 

#8 Attend a retro video game convention

#9 Make my wife come to learn and enjoy retro gaming with me

#10 Keep writing this blog

Okay you have to admit it's nothing totally crazy but I am leaving my comfort zone here and there and I have set some goals for myself. Not only that I made it an even 10 items to do. 

With that being said dear reader do you have any retro gaming resolutions for 2014? If so be sure to share because I think we all like to hear what kind of ideas you have for the type of retro gaming you would like to do next year.

Thanks again for reading and Happy New Year!

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