Friday, October 25, 2013

Repairing a Legend

The year was 1990 and after getting an NES for Christmas of 1989 I decided I wanted to get a Gameboy that Spring. The portable gaming thing on the level of the Gameboy was still a fairly new concept, and after being one of the last kids out of the gate with my NES, I wanted to be the first out of the gate with a Gameboy. So I conned either my sister or my Mom to put the Gameboy on layaway at Wal-mart for me and with my allowance money paid it off after 10 weeks.

I got my Gameboy only about a year after it came out, and I was the first kid at my school to have one. It was an amazing experience I could game away hours on Saturday’s sitting in the car on shopping trips, in doctors office waiting rooms, or while my parents watched something boring on TV. But with a Gameboy I had to spend a ton on batteries, and I had to choose to whether to buy NES games or Gameboy.  

To say the least both my Gameboy and NES got set aside when I got into PC gaming in the mid-90’s. For the most part my Gameboy spent its time from then on having my Dad play Tetris on it. But the Gameboy was always in the living room waiting to be played. In 2000 I bought a Gameboy Color while on a extended trip to help me waste hours in hotel rooms, and it too got stored next to the old game boy in the living rooms I would have through the years, both units always working.

Last year I opened the old Gameboy case to find that the plastic screen cover had fallen off. Apparently the glue just gave out and now its loose. On top of that for whatever reason my original Gameboy, has the foam on the cover turning into a black dust. There are a couple of WTF moments going on here. How they heck does either of these things happen?

Anyway the Gameboy and its games have been cleaned up and for the most part the black dust is gone. But how do I fix this screen?

Do you still have your original Gameboy? Let me know.

Game On! 

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